The essence of true discipleship is hearing and doing all that Jesus teaches (28:19, "teaching them to keep everything I have commanded you"). This in fact is the meaning of "righteousness" in Matthew, living life by God’s rules. For Jesus to "hear" is to "obey," to "learn" is to "do."
Discipleship groups meet biweekly in the hopes of God teaching us ways we could walk in deeper obedience to His truth so that we could truly look like our good Father. 

Undergrad Men

Meeting: Thursday, April 13 @ 7:00pm
               Location - Eunhae's Apt

Undergrad Women

Meeting: Friday, April 14 @ 8:00pm
               Location - Eunhae's Apt

Postgrad Men

Meeting: Thursday, April 6 @ 8:00pm
               Location - Pneuma Chapel

Postgrad Women

Meeting: Saturday, April 8 @ 10:00am
               Location - Pneuma Chapel