Pastor Eugene was born and raised in Indiana. He spent his college and seminary years along with nearly all of his twenties in New York and Massachusetts, and only moved to California in 2012, the same year he married his wife Hae-Rin. Both he and his wife received their ministerial degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


Eugene Kwon

Pastor Hae-Rin was born and raised in East and Southeast Asia before landing on the U.S. east coast in 5th grade. She grew up learning many things about God, but didn't begin to have a relationship with Him until her senior year of high school. In college, she concentrated in Linguistics and Women's Studies, hoping that God would direct her to be a culturally-savvy world traveler, changing lives for the Kingdom!

Instead, He led her to a small town in snowy Massachusetts to study His Word and wrestle with youth students in the local church. As a bonus, she met a young man named Eugene, who married her four years later. Together, they traveled to northern California to discover a new mission field - the Bay Area.

Here, she is learning to love and serve a new group of young people. She is also discovering what it means to receive love through her husband, and now, through their son, William.

Currently, she enjoys drinking tea, napping, and laughing together with people who love God. Her greatest hope is for Him to be honored through her life and ministry!

Hae-Rin Kwon

Pastor Steve was born in Flushing, NY soon after his parents immigrated from South Korea, but grew up in northern New Jersey. Steve came to experience God and His power to save during a retreat in elementary school but began to really grow during college at Cornell University, where he also got to know Pastor Eugene.

He enjoys reading everything (the only two books he did not enjoy were The Scarlet Letter and A Separate Peace). According to Myers-Briggs, he is a 100% introvert and an INFJ. He is married to Anna who is the best thing that has happened to him, apart from knowing God. She is practically his opposite.

Steven Chun


Eric E. Kim

Eric was born and raised in California. He attended UC San Diego while majoring in Economics and Political Science and is currently a law student working for a small law firm in Oakland and San Francisco.

He loves to read, watch movies, play video games, and do anything not physically strenuous. God has also put in his heart a calling to really live out the Gospel in all aspects of his life, both at church and at work.

Winston Chang

Winston was born and raised in the Bay Area. He graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and is currently working at NetApp as a hardware engineer. In 2008, he woke up from a dream that helped him turn his life around and re-devote his life to Christ.

Min Moon

Min moved around quite a bit growing up. She lived in New Jersey, Ohio, S. Korea, Florida and New York. In October 2015, she made her way back to her origin, the Bay Area, where she currently works as a kids & families researcher at a tech company.

She enjoys playing in a community orchestra, watching sunsets, and drinking rich dark coffee. She loves looking at how nature changes with the seasons, where God’s splendor and glory are so clearly marked and beautifully demonstrated. 

Over the years, God’s been showing her that He’s her faithful and sovereign shepherd time after time. Min’s prayer is that her heart will be kept humble to trust and obey the truth until the end. 

Debbie Kim

California-native Debbie has always been a fan of thrilling mystery novels, good ‘90s R&B, pesto anything, and long solo car drives.

She graduated UC Berkeley in 2015, and is currently working to pursue a higher education in healthcare. With anything that has to do with Jesus, or anything that is a tad heart-wrenching, she will produce a fountain of tears.

She believes that God is absolutely incredible in how He has saved and continues to love someone like her.  She cannot wait to see Him, and always imagines herself sprinting and jumping into His arms when she finally arrives at Home.

Eric Houng

Eric grew up in the bay area as the youngest of three. He traded a lot of money for a marketing degree at San Jose State University and is currently working in marketing and copywriting for a company in Fremont.

He loves photography and can be seen befriending every and any dog he sees (if he could run a dog farm he would).

He has been humbled by God's relentless pursuit of him and is learning all over every day how to pursue Jesus with utter dependence and submission.

Kenneth Mak

Kenny was born and raised in the Bay Area. He graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and is currently working at UL as a Laboratory Engineer.  Kenny is currently serving as a Children’s Ministry Sunday School teacher.

During his spare time, Kenny likes to play tennis, go bowling, play some board/card games, and hang out with friends.  

He is currently learning to trust Jesus more and more with His plans and timing for his life.  And while doing so, he will continue to love and serve the church as Christ calls him to. Kenny is an introverted guy but loves to have 1-on-1 conversations with people.

Elena Park

Elena was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended UC Davis majoring in Human Development.

God encountered her during her freshman year in college, and now continues to be saved everyday from herself. She enjoys pondering upon ideas, concepts, and theories, and then having discussions afterwards. 

Josie Suh

Josie loves seeing the glory of God unfurled in a human life. She believes that God has desires and plans and purposes for even the most wretched and broken of human beings. As God has called her out of brokenness and oppression into beloved-ness and freedom, she loves partnering with God and praying for the same victories in those, especially other women, who are hurt by gross evils and injustice.

Currently, she works in a domestic violence and human trafficking program, which has nothing to do with the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service she received from Georgetown University in 2014. She has made homes in Washington, D.C., Korea, London, and now the Bay Area. In addition to the company of human beings, Josie enjoys the company of sea otters, dogs, and horses. And coffee.

Joshua Fong

Joshua graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.S. in Business Management and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Currently, he is a Marketing Representative for Milwaukee Electric Tools and serves as a co-leader for Pneuma's InReach Ministry.

In this season, the Holy Spirit is reminding him that in the midst of calamity, God is the true reality.

Joshua enjoys ice cream and adventures.

Mark Roh

Mark Roh was born and raised in the Bay Area. He went to college on the east coast and moved back after graduating and is currently unemployed.

He enjoys: cooking, reading, art, soccer, Lake Tahoe and traveling. He does not like: details, cleaning and cardio. Mark is doing his best to be more like Christ.

Eunhae Grace Han

Eunhae is a grateful graduate of Biola. She is now an elementary teacher with hopes of God calling her to build Christian schools in the East Asia 1040 Window.

She enjoys comparative literature, intentional films, risky nature trips, healthy consumptions, and other stuff like that. The height of her contentment and joy is knowing God and seeing others love Him as well.

Hope Kim

Hope grew up in the Bay Area and went to same high school as Steve Jobs so she is pretty much a genius. She graduated from UC Davis and currently works at a tech startup.

She is weak, sinful, and broken but is always reminded that His grace is sufficient for her, for Christ's power is made perfect in weakness.

We are more than happy to meet up with you to better serve, love, and learn from you. 


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