I Am / by Pneuma Fellowship

I am the wind; Blustery, confused, and spontaneous.
My life has been a hurricane; Reliving it would be dangerous.
Yet, I am the calm of the storm; serene behind the destruction.
A blissful escape is my ignorant distraction.
I am dynamic.
The thunder in my soul divulges in havoc.
The weather in my heart is like the rain and never stops crying
My children of today, what am I implying?
-A cloak of emotion
-A frantic masquerade
-A river in the desert
For adults of tomorrow, in these meanings am I qualifying?
But the weather changes so as people do
Remember to bring a sweater: climate is due.
I am from the Earth, known to be self reliant and distinguished
I am as lonely as the clouds; leading a vagrant gypsy life I am relinquished
I am a crooked path: people find themselves lost, I find myself abandoned, but full of memories
Diseased from remedies
My heart is clenched like a fist
A self-defense
A false pretense
A doctor’s prescription list.
I am an exaggerated prologue
My story originated from God
Albeit I do not know the words
But the poet’s voice leads us in herds
So we may heal and share differing breakthroughs
Individual perspectives and peer reviews
Unfolding various acts of love which we now perform
And thus, we, God’s people, are kindly reborn

- Phoebe Martin